What Our Winners Are Saying

“I told the delivery man, ‘I didn’t order this!’ But then he said, ‘Looks like you won it.’ Then I saw the sign on the box that said, “YOU WON!” So, I began to believe.”

R. Chinchilla

from California

“As they say, “there’s always a first time.” Yes, my first time to win something valuable. Too good to be true, but it’s real.”

S. Uriarte

from California

“I am so proud to know that MVP is the kind of company that’s a straight shooter with honesty and no lies about a person being a winner.”

M. Harris

from Ohio

“Keep up the good work making people happy. Thank you again.”

G. Cristina

from Massachusetts

“This surely cannot be happening to me! OMG I feel GREAT!!! I thought I was just doing all these puzzles to keep busy. Never had won anything from doing them. Just enjoy puzzles. But now I LOVE PUZZLES! 1st time win!!”

V. Spence

from Ohio

“It’s the first time that I ever won anything like this. It’s a wonderful blessing.”

W. Moore

from Texas

“Mail more, ya'll are the best. Hope to become a bigger winner.”

A. Farmer

from Mississippi

“I sure was glad and surprised when I saw the check for $1000.00. And my name in black. First time winning.”

A. Holley

from Virginia

“Every check you sent to me has been the answers to my prayer. It's just like manna from heavenly angels on earth. I thank you so much and wish all at Mountain View Publishers the very best.”

D. Dingus

from Illinois

“Thank you so much Jackpot Journal. When I won the TV, I was so ecstatic. Then I won the $250.00 and couldn't believe it. Now another $250.00 plus a $50.00 gift card. Words just can't express how I feel.”

C. Bogard

from Maryland

“It sure feels great to win. I am so grateful and thankful for this privilege.”

G. Ado-Poku

from Massachusetts

“I was surprised when I won the first time. Doubly surprised when I won the same prize the second time.”

C. Tong

from Montana

“I am speechless. You keep your word.”

R. Hunter

from Florida

“It really feels awesome to win a 40” HDTV. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever won.”

M. Wilder

from Maryland

“A thousand thanks! Deeply appreciate the prize you sent me.”

J. Morgan

from Arizona

“It feels like Christmas in August. I hope I win some more things.”

W. Butler

from Florida

Recent Winners:

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  • B. Davis,   TN
  • J. Ohara,   IL
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  • N. Lacey,   KS
  • R. Seminara,   PA
  • R. Davis,   LA
  • J. Ely,   RI
  • F. Rollins,   GA
  • M. Gray,   TN
  • F. Rollins,   GA
  • D. Weldon,   GA
  • T. Windholtz,   OH
  • H. Blaney,   PA
  • C. Irene,   CA
  • I. Smith,   LA
  • C. Vatidis,   VA
  • K. Zorn,   OH
  • L. Smith,   NJ