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Mountain View Publishers (MVP) proudly produces the Jackpot Journal, an exclusive monthly entertainment magazine featuring literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prize opportunities. Each month we share over a quarter million dollars in third-party sweepstakes for our readers to enter and win, making us one of the foremost publishers of contests and...

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"This surely cannot be happening to me! OMG I feel GREAT!!! I thought I was just doing all these puzzles to keep busy. Never had won anything from doing them. Just enjoy puzzles. But now I LOVE PUZZLES! 1st time win!!!"

-Virginia S.
Findlay, OH

"I am so proud to know that MVP is the kind of company that's a straight shooter with honest and no lies about a person being a winner. I would like to say thanks to MVP and their staff."

-Matthew H.
Mansfield, OH

"As they say, "there's always a first time." Yes, my first time to win something valuable here in the US. A different kind of feeling. Too good to be true, but it's real. What a way to start a new year. Thank you, Lord, for such a blessing!"

-Sandra H.
Stockton, CA

"It's the first time that I ever won anything like this. It's a wonderful blessing."

-Wayman B.
Bryan, TX